The Provincial Grand Lodge of Dunbartonshire
Secretaries Seminar 2010

On Tuesday 1st June 2010 our PG Secretary, Bro. David Irving, welcomed 14 lodge secretaries, accompanied by 8 almoners, of the Province to his annual seminar within DKL No 18 premises.

The main topic under discussion was the newly published Grand Lodge publication “Guidance for Almoners”. The application of the guidance was well debated to ensure all present understood and were content with the process to be followed when making an application. The attendees paid particular attention to the areas concerning “eligibility criteria” and “training scheme”. The general consensus of the secretaries and almoners was that the guidance was a welcome addition to their toolkit.

The opportunity was taken to air any other topics of interest and a discussion ensued on the areas of “quarterly returns” and Lodge insurance. Clarification of the need and the guidance of some of the more experienced secretaries were given to the newer lodge administrators who were glad of the advice offered.

An excellent evening well chaired by Bro Irving and enjoyed by all.


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